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Longworth Education leads in
play-based teaching
for primary education

Led by Dr. Sarah Aiono, Longworth Education stands at the forefront of play pedagogy within the primary education sector. As a leading organisation dedicated to supporting schools in implementing play-based learning into the primary education environment, Drawing on implementation science and the latest research in play pedagogy, the organization empowers schools, and educators to confidently address curriculum requirements while fostering child-led play.

Longworth Education adopts an evidence-informed professional development approach to ensure that teachers receive the necessary support within their classrooms. This approach enables them to effectively integrate and sustain impactful play pedagogies, ultimately leading to successful learning outcomes for their students.

What people say about us

Thank you for this webinar. I am a head teacher at a Kindergarten transitioning to a new entrant position next term and I was a little apprehensive about how to ‘teach’ an hour of reading writing and maths per day. 

So much of what you have described in the webinar in terms of supporting children’s literacy, in their play is exactly how we respond to our learners in Kindergarten. 

The school hasn’t had an early childhood teacher before, but they are looking for innovative practioner’s so I am excited to be able to go in to my new role and bring with it my 17 years of play based learning experience. 

Again thank you for affirming so much of what I am already teaching. 
Abby Waikato

“I feel less stressed … and know that the children are happy, engaged, creative people who you can see growing and being successful…”
Teacher Manawatū

“The opportunity to observe the children in play is the gold as the teachers can tailor the learning/curriculum through the play and that is satisfying/rewarding.  Teachers feel like they are developing the whole child.”
School Principal Whakatāne

“Play gifts me ākonga who want to be at school … (and) gifts me the time … to teach.” 
Teacher Auckland

“It’s the best, most sensible, challenging (in a good way) approach to teaching I’ve done in my 14 years.” 
Year 5 – 6 Teacher Bay of Plenty

“The feedback I’ve got from the kids and their parents is that they enjoy coming to school more.”
Beginning Teacher Otago

“After more than two years of working with a learning through play approach I have found a new perspective on what teacher enjoyment can look like.”
Year 5 – 6 Teacher Wānaka

“Being a play-based teacher has had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing”
Year 0 – 2 teacher Southland

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us – we are learning much and I know what we have implemented has had such a positive impact on the learning of our tamariki. This is indeed a wonderful and inspiring journey!
Collaborative teaching team

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